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StoxBazar, a well-established and a reputable firm known for its expertise in the financial services industry. At StoxBazar, we offer a comprehensive range of research analysis services, consolidating all aspects under one roof. We pride ourselves on being among the select few SEBI registered organizations that provide research and information on the Indian capital markets, with a strong focus on Technical and Fundamental Analysis. Our firm has garnered a solid reputation among investors, brokers, and researchers alike.

Our mission is to be a global corporation with a clear focus and to earn and be worthy of our customer’s trust by providing them with services which are economically and financially beneficial to them and to create awareness regarding the safe trading and investment amongst our clients around the globe.

To grow along with our clients by entering into the major global exchanges and make StoxBazar the finest research house.
Our management team has a wide range of expertise, which ensures value added services for our clients. Our aim is to build real partnership with a limited number of clients by providing consistent, top quality service.


We are built upon a core value of integrity, which means that our research team will continually strive to provide you with the most suitable finance solution for your situation and not the finance deal that is most suitable for us.


When you need industry leading advice on the most suitable finance option for you, Launch Finance is there. You can rely on our Team to support you through every step of the journey towards accessing the funds required to achieve your goals.


Our brokers consistently maintain a high level of professionalism in everything they do – from the first meeting right through to the last.

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