Loan Against Property

This is a product which is ideal for individuals / companies who have a real estate asset which is free from encumbrance. Loan against property enables you to put your asset to a valuable use by pledging it with our company and raising the funds up to a maximum of 70% of the market value of your asset. The purpose of taking the loan can be varied from utilizing the funds to buy a new property, business expansion, consolidation of existing loans, education /wedding of children among others.
This product is a great way to raise funds quickly to meet your needs with the added flexibility of choosing your loan tenure up to a maximum of 15 years for easy repayment.

We finance the following type of properties:

  • Self occupied commercial property
  • Self occupied residence
  • Leased commercial property
  • Leased residential property
  • Lease rental discounting against commercial property

Loan against property can be taken for the following purposes:

  • Working capital needs
  • Business expansion
  • Purchase of another asset
  • Marriage of children
  • Higher studies abroad of children
  • Funding of vacation
  • Medical treatments