Long Term

Multibagger Stock Services

We follow bottom-up fundamental and technical research to expose large cap & midcap stocks that have the potential to become multibaggers or provide good returns in near future as a result of higher and sustainable earnings growth. Our investment philosophy is based on “growth investing” while finding “Value” in the future earnings. We look for best in segment companies with strong fundamentals that are well-positioned to grow rapidly over the medium-to-long term. We bring to our customers such companies at attractive valuations to maximize their investment returns. Our team of professionals following in-depth rigorous research process in the journey of long-term wealth creation.


We can take Potential growth 25% to 50% or more.

 Consistent cash flows with high growth potential.

 Companies with zero debt or low debt and Zero Promoter Pledge.

 Competitive Price Valuation & Growth oriented.

 Competitive Advantage over competitors.

 Technically strong on chart.


 Better Investment Opportunity available.

 Change in fundamental aspect.

 Long Term Breakdown in Stock, Sector or Market.

 No longer holds benefits.

 Multibagger – Key Traits

Number of Recommendations Over The Year 10 – 12 Stocks

Holding Period Minimum 1 Year

Selected Segment Equity Cash Only

Risk Taking Capacity On Trade Maximum 20%-30%

Caretaking Dedicated Relationship Officer Appointed

Performance Review Every Month